Monday, March 30, 2009

Update 24

Good morning Trimotor friends.

Here are the latest images of the Ford:

The wiring in the wing as seen some attention after all these weeks:
If the first thought that comes to mind is "that doesn't look like much..."
Good! It should look like a nice neat bundle, rather than the large tangled mess that it was.

Those bundles don't stay neat voluntarily by the way...
It takes a few brackets to keep them in line!

Back outside the airplane,

The props are on... now I can't hang my coat on the crankshaft...

Of course, what with spring being here and all, I won't need a coat any longer...
*ahem* or my windshield scraper...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update 23

Big news this week
Firstly, Spring is finally here!

The other Big News is bigger...

as in 900 lbs. big

as in 9 cylinders big

yes, 8419 is now officially a Tri Motor

A big thanks to Mark and Alma Products for the loan of the forklift crane attachment!

The #3 engine looks like most pilots like it to look:

All cowled up

work in the wing continues, as well as work on the fuel tanks...

These are the sumps where the fuel boost pumps live.
that old, flaky sealant had to go, and new sealant squished in place. not an enviable job, I'll tell you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update 22

The latest and greatest pics of Trimotory goodness:

The EGT and CHT wires for the #1 and #3 engines have now been routed.

Installing brackets in the wing is such fun. If only I were little again...
Climbing in and out of the wings IS good exercise though.

I've located and installed the fuel sump drains

Stay tuned for more excitement next week:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update #21

Hi Trimotor fans.

speaking of Trimotor "Fans", Look what showed up at the hangar last week:

Don't get anxious now, there's still work to be done ;-)

The focus is now on filling the wings with stuff. Mostly wires and adel clamps and hoses.
I feel that I have been neglecting the wings in the effort to get an engine completely done.

Engine gauge lines with bracket

Fuel tank vent lines are now sweet:



These are the removable cross braces for between the fuel tanks. They now fit really nice.

I think they missed me... (that sentiment isn't a two way street btw. It's a literal pain to get in and out of the wings)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update 20

Good morning, Trimotor followers

Last week the #1 engine was finished. That is to say there really isn't anything else left on the shelf that I can install on it...

I did have to do some repairs, mostly it was wiring this past week.

From this

To this

Sadly, I had to break out my reading glasses to see well enough to solder... Crazy, eh?
Must be the air up here in Alma I guess...

I can't ops check anything just yet, as the wires in the fuselage are waiting for my attention.

Bruce has been going great guns on the #3 engine and has been a great help.

It's really getting close now...
(can you feel it?)