Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update 19

Hello Trimotor fans...

Here are the pics from last week:

The Carb air scoops provided some entertainment to fit them to the air box...

Along with the other end of the induction system, lets hear it for the Blast Tubes!
(lol, sounds like a rock band, no?)

The OAT gauge came in and is now plugging the hole in the cockpit hatch. That ought to keep the rain out!

Bruce made some great progress on the buildup of the #3 engine

The Stab trim system is now installed and working.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update #18

Good Morning Trimotor Fans.

last week I mostly worked on de-coding the propeller control system rigging. It wasn't easy, but It's now completed for the #1 engine.

The other engines will simply (heh, did I say "simply"?) be copies of the controls of the #1 engine.

It was necessary to open up the pedestal in order to rig the controls, which was OK, because I was able to clean it all up in there as well as lube it. Seems like everything takes longer than it appears at a glance, but then, I'm fairly used to that sort of thing.

I had Bruce up here last week, and what a help he is. He is building up the #3 engine, which, of course is a little different than the #1 engine in some aspects.

He'll be up here 2 days/week until he gets taken away for more pressing issues.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update 17

Last week was a busy one, with adding yet more parts to the #1 engine. I sorted out which carburetor airbox went to which engine (via trying them out...)

I still need to rig the prop governor, which turns out to be kind of "special".

I installed the fuel strainer and primer pump on the nacelle support structure. It's really starting to take shape now.

I installed the Carb Temp Sensors in all the carburetors.

Last (and probably least), I paneled up the #1 nacelle.

Some of the panels will need some work to make them fit better, which is why I thought I should try them out now, rather than later...

Monday, February 2, 2009

100 visitors!

Hey, just thought I would post that this blog has now been visited by 100 different visitors!

Update 16

Last week saw the hatch put to bed, so to speak.

I painted all the parts up real pretty.

and installed them.

After testing it a lot (a whole lot) of times, and fiddling with the adjustments, finally I was satisfied that the functioning was repeatable and positive.

It's now on for good.

I even cleaned and waxed the windows. (there was some pretty old masking tape on them)

I started working on the Stabilizer trim system.

This is the forward segment of the Stab Trim Driveshaft.