Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It Flies!

Yep, believe it or not, it really flies. Quite boring for a mechanic actually, only a couple little items to take care of. I'm sorry that the project is over, yet thankful and blessed to be a part of something so fantastic. I offer a hearty Thank You to every single person who offered a word of encouragement. The list would be so long as to absorb google's bandwidth, so I'll just say that you know who you are.

Take care of the old sweetheart. She's a beauty.

I leave you with this video of the first flight of N8419 in about 7 years:


Bill Larkins said...

Congratulations to you and everyone involved. Did you go on that flight? There is an old tradition in aviation that the mechanic has to go on the first flight after working on the plane.

excitedVulcan said...

Thanks for the kind words Bill. I really appreciate what you do on the group here.

Dick Klade said...

Recently moved to the Kazoo area, and have been trying to find info on the restored Trimotor. Ron Stoleson, who survived the crash at Moose Creek, is a close friend. What is the future of the plane now? Will rides be available? Please, anyone who sees this, respond with an e-mail to twoklades@msn.com

Thanks, Dick Klade

Anonymous said...

I should digg your post so other folks can look at it, very helpful, I had a tough time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

- Joe