Monday, January 5, 2009

Update 12

Welcome, readers to update number 12.

I hope everyone out there had a happy and safe new year. The days are getting longer, and the project is progressing.

Last week was engine indicating line week. In particular, routing the lines that go from the lower portion of the #2 firewall,

over the rudder pedal enclosure,

to the upper portion, which is the instrument "enclosure".

Turns out, when you have 3 engines, there are a passel of indicators, and low and behold, a #3 line for each one. Naturally, there are quite a few Adel clamps used to secure said lines. Anyone that has had the pleasure of finagling a clamp into a place where it didn't really "want" to go can appreciate the installation of 62 of those little gems on this short section of lines.


Goose13 said...

Hi Rick,

Do you have any current pictures of the instrument panel and cockpit that you could share?

Thanks, all the best,


excitedVulcan said...

this week's post (tomorrow) will have a fresh pic of the cockpit.