Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update #18

Good Morning Trimotor Fans.

last week I mostly worked on de-coding the propeller control system rigging. It wasn't easy, but It's now completed for the #1 engine.

The other engines will simply (heh, did I say "simply"?) be copies of the controls of the #1 engine.

It was necessary to open up the pedestal in order to rig the controls, which was OK, because I was able to clean it all up in there as well as lube it. Seems like everything takes longer than it appears at a glance, but then, I'm fairly used to that sort of thing.

I had Bruce up here last week, and what a help he is. He is building up the #3 engine, which, of course is a little different than the #1 engine in some aspects.

He'll be up here 2 days/week until he gets taken away for more pressing issues.

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