Monday, April 6, 2009

Update 25

Welcome to Winter Trimotor Paradise, friends...

Having unhitched my trusty sled dogs, I have uploaded a bevy of images with which you can entertain yourselves on a snowy spring day.

here's what the inside of the fuel tank boost pump flange looks like when the sealant hasn't set up after many years...
Yuck! I had to clean all that mess off! (Not my favorite job, if you hadn't guessed...)

At least this peeling sealant was set up, and easier to clean off and reseal:
by "easier", I don't mean "easy" in case you were wondering...

Here's what the inside of the wing looks like when it's ready to have the tanks installed:

Here's what it looks like when the tanks ARE installed!

and lastly, here's a shot of the boost pump through the wing lower access panel:

Anybody know of a good place to get some gas?

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