Monday, April 13, 2009

Update 26

Can't wait till the updates get to the triple digits!


Some eye candy for you Trimotor aficionados on the 'net:

Look any different? Well, it is. More wires. Wires. I see wires in my sleep...
I didn't even know they had wires in 1929!

The #2 (a.k.a. "center") engine is getting heavier.

(means we are adding accessories to it) ;-)

I have (I hope) the sub panels, switch panel and circuit breaker panel all wired up
We'll be seeing how well it works later. You guys know that wires work on the same principle as internal combustion engines, right? If the smoke comes out of either, they stop working... Gotta keep the smoke inside!

The last of the fuel tanks is in, thanks to Mike
I'll install the head smasher (fuel pump) when my head isn't in and out of that space so much.

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