Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Introduction to my Trimotor blog

Welcome, aviation enthusiasts! I'll be working on a Ford/Stout Trimotor 5AT-C this winter. I'll have it flyable by April of next year (2009). You can experience the fun vicariously through this blog interface. Comments are encouraged, but will be moderated. I'll post at least once a week.


Dan Schiffer said...

Have we met before. Could you take a moment to introduce yourself?

I've been reading the blog about your progress on the Ford and it sounds great...

Is Bruce still involved?

Dan Schiffer

excitedVulcan said...

Hi Dan, no, I do not believe we have met. I'm glad to hear your enthusiasm about the Ford. As far as a personal introduction, I'm an A&P that got wind of this project from an old friend. I've been a hangar rat, mechanic, QC inspector, structural repair guy, etc. for about 24 years now. I've worked on a wide assortment of different airplanes, from the littlest bug smashers, to the Boeing 747. I live in Whitmore Lake, MI, and am currently working on the Ford 4 days each week.