Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Progress update 2


Over my weekend, I welded the #2 and #3 oil tanks. They have been sent out for painting.

Also, I will be installing the pilot's right master cylinder, so that the design may be checked under closer to real circumstances (you can step on both pedals at once).

Now to tackle the challenge of routing flex lines for the master cylinders.

The easy solution lies in using a swivel joint where the flex line terminates at the firewall. Finding a suitable swivel is the next task.

Renee asked about the landing gear bolts. She talked to Bruce who said that any of the bolts that weren't safetied were not the "new" bolts. I checked, and found some "new" bolts w/o castellated nuts, which obviously, were not safetied. They appeared to be new bolts, so I found some nuts and washers, and put them on, but not torqued or safetied yet. I found two locations (one on each side of the aircraft) that require bolts that are not in stock up here. They are NAS464P8-38 bolts, and I will call the hardware guy who Renee uses in order to procure.

We also talked about engine mount bolts. She found records that detailed the installation of the engines showing the p/n's for the mounting hardware. I'll order these as well.


I worked up in the wing center section for a while. I removed the Center Tank Fuel Valve, hooked up the actuator tube, then reinstalled the valve. I checked out the function and rigging of the 3 fuel valves in the center section by running shop air through them while selecting the valves and checking to see where the air exited.

I did some clamping and routing, as well as pic labeling. Compared pics to present state, and am developing a list of what brackets, lines and wires need installation (and need to be found)

I also fabricated some brackets for the fuel lines in the forward lower access on the rear of the front spar using pictures of the previous brackets as a guide.


worked in the cabin and wing center section routing and clamping fuel and sense lines. replaced bad and installed new nutplates.


worked in the wing center section, routing fuel lines and vacuum lines. Had to reposition fuel line for #1 engine due to interference w/ the removable cross brace in the wing. Routed the lines all the way to the engine and clamped. Routed indication lines. Brackets will have to be fabricated for the fuel line bulkhead fitting, and incorporate a bracket for the vacuum line in the same area. In addition, the forward cross brace on the left side has problems with the hole locations. the upper holes are mis-drilled. (there is a pilot hole in the correct position, but for whatever reason, the 5/16 hole isn't. Will have to remove and fabricate the end plates at the upper end of the brace, and drill in position. see below:

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