Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Progress update 1

here's a little blurb about the progress and status of N8419
Starting the week of 10/6/08, I un-boxed everything I could find that was here in regard to the Tri Motor. I itemized the rotable parts, creating a component p/n and s/n list. the expendable parts were noted and all parts placed on designated shelves.
I did some work up in the wing center section, clamping lines, rerouting teleflex cables and wire. I also surveyed the center section in regard to what it is now, vs. what the pictures taken of it look like. There are differences, naturally. The most notable is a lack of the various brackets and supports for solid and flex lines and wiring. It would be fantastic to find them all on the "old" wing section. Not all could be reused, due to changes in the structural design, but it would be a start. Pending the location of the brackets, I moved on to another challenge.
Starting the week of 10/13/08 Brakes:
The brake master cylinders are an interesting project to say the least. I was able to assemble from the parts provided, the system that is approved per the aircraft records from 1991. It seemed that someone was fiddling with them, but I intend to put them back to the approved configuration.

I am recording each step with notes and pictures, so as to create a lasting record for the N8419.

Best Regards,
Your Trimotor assembler...

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