Monday, November 3, 2008

Update 3

Hello, Trimotor fans
Last week I ordered the engine mount bolts, and they are in as of this morning. I am repairing the dishpans in order to prepare for engine installation.

Mike was kind enough (and strong enough) to fetch the old spars so that I could rob the various brackets in order to save some time making new ones.

Some will need to be made new, both because the new spars are a little different than the old, and because It makes no sense to drill out #8 rivets simply to install a bracket for a vacuum line. It's much easier to retrofit a simple bracket in some cases.

I understand that radios for this bird are on their way here, after stopping off at the avionics shop for a check. A plan will be hatched for what to install where after they get here.

My son Andrew is removing the brackets from the old spars, and fitting them to the the spars in the wing.

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