Monday, November 24, 2008

Update 6

This week I have some exciting things for you to see.

Yes, N8419 now has engines!

Two of them to be exact.
The #2 or "center" engine will be installed after the firewall is finished, as well as a bunch of plumbing.

Also, I'll find out if the oil tank will fit through the engine mount, or if I need to remove the mount, install the oil tank, and install the mount. Anybody??

In other, less fantastic news (to many) the wiring jungle is slowly being turned into pasture...

When it's done it should look more like a putting green (to continue the vegetation analogy)
One day, an old gentleman stopped by to reminisce about old airplanes, and asked me with concern in his voice, "how do you know where it all goes?" He also mentioned, astonished, that "that mess looks like the inside of my TV!"
I take it he doesn't have a Solid State Television...

Also the engines are seeing stuff happening around them.

The various lines are finding their way back to the places in which they lived so long ago...
after a serious scrubbing, naturally!
Hoses and tubing and accessories, oh my!

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