Monday, December 1, 2008

Update 7

Ok, so the time has come to hang accessories on the engines. Here's a pic of the progress:

Doesn't really look like much, does it? While changing the fittings over, replacing hose, fighting with installing adel clamps does soak up some time and effort, there really is a lot of stuff coming together there.

Not to worry, by the end of today the shiny yellow oil tank will rest in it's home.

In other news, the wiring continues in the cockpit area.

Looks like a bigger mess? Maybe, but I know where they go now. For the most-part, that is. And the prints will actually match the plane now, which will be great for the next soul to work N8419.

By the way, the #2 engine oil tank does fit...

No worries there, aside from the fittings. I'm confident that I can make them work though.

All in all, progress is , um progressing at the pace I thought. N8419 is right on schedule.

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