Monday, December 22, 2008

Update 10

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Having managed to dig my way into the door, I thought I should post about last weeks activity.

As my faithful readers may recall, the brake master cylinder reinstallation was pretty much squared away, save the plumbing. Now the plumbing is finalized.

The spacers are on the way, and when installed, It will be time to bleed the brakes.

I made a pattern for enclosing the pedals and cylinders. Stainless steel is on the way, and will make for an attractive and functional enclosure.

In other areas, the oil tank standpipe fitting is now installed. (doesn't look any different, you say?)

You would be correct. It doesn't, but there's nothing quite like wrestling with 1" hose in a confined space... Does anyone have an ice pack?

I'll take this opportunity to wish all my loyal (and occasional) readers a Merry Christmas!

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