Monday, December 15, 2008

Update Number 9

This week's update brought to you across the windswept tundra of central Michigan.

last week saw the #1 oil tank mounting system get revamped to facilitate it not resting directly on the engine mount structure. It required some trial and error, as well as ingenuity, but then, what task hasn't ?

The primer lines were re-routed to the proper configuration and new flex line fabricated prior to installation of the exhaust system. The exhaust (surprise) required some fitting and massaging to make itself at home on the engine.

I discovered some fittings with a "Ford" look to them, and sure enough, after communicating with Bruce, my suspicions were confirmed.

They are the standpipes for the engine oil system. I was wondering why there were none... Now to install them. The #3 engine will be easy enough, but #1's oil tank outlet is guarded by a bunch of "snakes".

As far as installing the various oil, fuel and vent lines, some repairs have been necessary:

Yeah, that's not such a good looking hose/tube joint

That's much better

In other news, while I have been taking a break from the brakes, (not really. I've been noodling about them continuously, short of having nightmares about them) I now have a legitimate solution to the hose routing issues.

That's much nicer

And it moves well too boot!

I want to let you all know that I really appreciate all the kind words that I get about the progress on this fantastic project.

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